• Our research indicates that the first two weeks on market are the most critical for achieving a sale.

    If you instruct an agent who prices the property well, taken appealing photographs and pro-actively uses their contact database then offers shouldn't be too far away.

    Once this two week launch period cools off, 79% of properties sold have yet to find their buyer*. Was the asking price set too high? Did the agent simply wait for Rightmove leads to come in?

    As more weeks pass, fewer properties find their buyer. The majority of properties will rely on hard work and regular attention from their agent in order to agree a sale, but many end up being left on the market for months before a sale is agreed.

    How many weeks to find a buyer?
    If you're currently on the market, or thinking of selling in the near future, you probably want to make sure your property finds a buyer within the shortest time possible.

    So far in 2018, 25% of Wirral properties required a reduction before finding a buyer*, suggesting over one in four properties were over-priced by their agent and deterred active buyers from viewing early on. Just because one agent values your property higher than another, it doesn't mean you will end up achieving more.

    Does your agent have a strong local presence? Agents who have been around the community for a long time are likely to have a strong database of contacts looking for a property just like yours.

    We actually found that 71% of our buyers in 2018 registered with us directly rather than via Rightmove**. The combination of an extensive contact network and pro-active staff means that viewing activity should continue once the initial launch period has ended.

    *Land Registry and/or Rightmove data 2018
    ** Karl Tatler data 2018

  • When you market your property with an estate agent, you hope that the price you ask for is the price your agent achieves for you. Of course, this isn’t always possible. In fact, data we have analysed from Land Registry and Rightmove suggests less than one in four properties achieved full asking price across Wirral in 2017.

    When selling your property, it can be tempting to use the agent who gives the highest market valuation. This may seem like a risk worth taking to ‘test the water’, but buyers could be deterred when there are many alternatives available to them.

    If priced and marketed correctly, there is a good chance of achieving the maximum value for your home. However, as the majority sold below asking price, this suggests many properties were initially over-valued by agents in Wirral last year.

    Whatever the situation, it is important to outline your expectations and work with your agent to achieve an outcome you are happy with. Our best advice is to appoint an agent with a proven track record, who understands the local market.

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax is a tax that you will have to pay if you are purchasing a property for over £125,000. The rate that you have to pay is based on the property value. You can find out how much Stamp Duty you will pay by typing the value into our Stamp Duty calculator, below.

    Calculate Your Stamp Duty

    If you have any questions or queries about stamp duty, please contact your local branch. We are always happy to help!

  • Some buyers approach their existing bank or building society for a mortgage, however they will only offer their own mortgage products and do not compare with other lenders. Consequently, other buyers try to use comparison websites to find the best deals. If you go down this route, be cautious of the speed these deals change – by the time you arrange to get an appointment directly with that mortgage lender they may no longer offer the best deals.

    Most buyers will approach a mortgage broker when they buy property. A broker will guide the clients all the way through the purchase process, plus they have direct access to the lenders to secure the best deals available on the day of application. Brokers also have access to many mortgage deals not available to buyers approaching lenders directly.

  • 1. How long does it take to complete and I can move in?

    This will depend upon whether you are buying and selling at the same time, obtaining a mortgage and whether there are any issues with the property. The more properties in the chain the longer it is likely to take. An average timescale, provided there are no unforeseen difficulties, is 8-12 weeks.

    2. What do conveyancers need to know about how I am funding my purchase?

    They need some information to satisfy anti-money laundering rules. If you’re using any of your own money or receiving a contribution from someone else they need to know where the funds originate from and see some supporting evidence. If you’re obtaining a mortgage they’ll contact your Lender to arrange for the monies to arrive in good time for completion.

    3. When are keys handed over?

    When the solicitors ‘Exchange’ contracts a completion date will be agreed. The contract normally states that the seller must vacate by between 1-2pm on that day. Once the seller has moved out they leave their keys with the Estate Agents who will release them to the buyer once the seller’s solicitor confirms the monies have changed hands.

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