Professional landlords

What are the main changes landlords should be aware of in 2018?

This is well worth a read to stay abreast of changes for landlords this year. Read More

How does GDPR affect small landlords

The introduction of GDPR is a little over three months away, and the legislation will require landlords to process tenants’ personal data more rigorously and securely than many of us are used to... Read More

Top tips to be a better landlord

More often than not, it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Here are 20 top tips for being a better landlord, from the experts at Belvoir... Read More

Short term leases Versus long term leases

We ask the question - what is better for you as a Landlord. A short term or long term lease? Read More

Pets in lets

Daryl Tomlinson offers his view on allowing tenants to move in with pets. Read More

Wirral buy-to-let hotspots

Have you ever considered investing in a buy-to-let property? Read More

Risks and pitfalls of student accommodation investing

Have you considered student accommodation investments? If so, have you considered the pitfalls? Read More

Rent Guarantee and Legal Insurance

Whether you’re a landlord with a single property or a large portfolio, have you considered what may happen if problems where to be encountered? Do you have provisions in place to give you peace of mind? Read More

Gas certificates

Landlords are ultimately responsible for the safety of their tenants. A good agent can take the organisational stress away by having water tight safety reminder systems in place... Read More

2017 Landlord tax changes

As announced in the Budget, mortgage interest rate relief is going to be limited to the basic 20% income tax rate: higher and top rate tax payers no longer get full relief. Read More

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