Market Insight

Karl Tatler will be producing regular reports summarising the local property market. The report will be an honest and up to date view on current market conditions in the Wirral and Cheshire West areas. The most recent issue can be accessed here:


Current Issue


October 2022 - The Markets Changing – Time to Adapt


Back Issues


August 2022 - Are local property prices continuing to rise?


May 2022 - What impact will rising interest rates have on the local property market?


November 2021 - Is the local property market prepared for winter?


October 2021 - Will the local property market thrive in October?


September 2021 - What will happen after the Stamp Duty holiday ends?


June 2021 - How will the stamp duty deadline affect the local property market?


May 2021 - Is there enough stock to satisfy demand?


March 2021 - Stamp Duty Holiday Extended


February 2021 - Have property prices increased in your area?


December 2020 - Record activity levels continue in local property market


November 2020 - Will activity slow down this winter?


October 2020 - Have property prices risen since lockdown?


September 2020 - Is Wirral property now more appealing?


August 2020 - Stamp Duty holiday to the rescue?