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Business as usual for Wirral property market

Despite a slow start for new stock coming to market this year, it appears that confidence continues to be high across Wirral for property buyers. Read More

Wirral property market snapshot - January/February 2019

Andrew Spink Msc, Data Analyst, looks at what the Wirral property market will look like in 2019... Read More

Vital things first-time sellers need to know

Here's some useful tips for first-time sellers... Read More

Wirral property market snapshot - December 2018

Our Data Analyst looks at two of the key questions often asked by home sellers... Read More

Karl Tatler average time to sell six weeks quicker than UK average

Our data shows us that our branches are finding you a buyer quicker than national average… Read More

Wirral property market snapshot - September 2018

Whether you're a current homeowner, or just curious about the Wirral property market, this update will keep you up-to-speed with the latest trends in your local area. Read More

Why picking the right estate agent can make house sales stress-free

How do you choose the best agent to sell your home? NAEA Propertymark have the answers... Read More

Wirral property viewing to sale ratio superior to rest of UK

Some reports have recently suggested that the average number of viewings required to achieve a property sale in the UK has increased from 11 to 19 over the past three years. That�s handy to know, but what does the picture look like for the Wirral? Read More

How to save money on your mortgage

Thinking about remortgaging? Not sure how much you’re paying? Here's everything you need to know about getting the best price for your home... Read More

What are mortgages and how do they work?

What is a mortgage? How do they work? And what different types of mortgage are available? Keep reading for answers to all these questions and more. Read More

How long does it take to sell Wirral property?

Our research indicates that the first two weeks on market are the most critical for achieving a sale. Read More

Top tips for a smooth property transaction

Here's a few things you can do to make the moving process as stress-free as possible. Read More

Latest Wirral Market Update

Our latest Wirral Market update shows how we average property sell prices have steadily increased over the last five years. Read More

Should I sell this summer?

If you are a Wirral property owner, the chances are you will have been in your current property for a number of years. Read More

How long does it take to sell a property?

When it comes to selling a property, one of the most popular questions asked by sellers is ‘how long will it take to find a buyer?’ Read More

What do you know about online estate agents?

Did you know that most online agents charge an up-front fee for their service? This is just one of the many considerations when choosing between a traditional and online estate agent. Read More

DIY tips to make buyers take notice of your home

If you are trying to sell, follow our low cost, easy DIY tips that will make buyers take notice of your home. Read More

The conveyancing process explained

Read out three most frequently asked questions about the conveyancing process Read More

What will the Wirral market look like in Spring 2017?

Here we provide a snapshot of how competitive you expect the Wirral market to be this Spring. Read More

Will I achieve the full asking price?

When selling your property, the value is of course a very important factor. Here we look at the likelihood of achieving full asking price. Read More

How to get the best mortgage advice

Are you thinking of buying but want to know more your available options with mortgages? Read on for our advice. Read More

What is Land Registry data?

You might hear the term 'Land Registry' thrown around to back up statistics, but what exactly does it represent? Read More

Stamp Duty - what it means and how to calculate it

You've probably heard of stamp duty, but are you aware how much it will affect your property purchase? Read More

Step-by-step guide to selling your home

So you are thinking about selling your home, but do you know about the process involved? Find out more here. Read More

What has changed in estate agency over the years?

In an ever-changing industry, here's a chance to familiarise yourself with the way estate agency operates in the modern era. Read More

When is the best time to market your property?

If you are thinking of selling your property in 2017, many people will suggest waiting until spring to bring it to market. Read More

How can you make your property stand out in a competitive market?

It doesn’t take long in a new year for the property market to grow... Read More

FAQs about selling your property

Have you lived in a property for over 20 years? Read More

Choosing the right agent to sell your property

Your home, in most cases, is likely to be your most valuable asset. Read More

A guide to presenting your home

Preparing your home for sale is very important. Here's some quick tips to help you make sure you are doing everything right from a presentation perspective. Read More

Costs to consider when selling your home

This overview will help you know what to expect when it comes to costs involved with selling your home for the first time. Read More

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