Karl Tatler conveyancing - here for you every step of the way

To help provide the best possible support for your sale or purchase, you can benefit from our conveyancing service, with the same care and attention we offer for every client.


We understand that both buying and selling your property is an emotive time and you require all the support you can get from your estate agent and conveyancer. 

There are plenty of excellent conveyancers out there and we we will support you with whichever company you choose to handle the conveyancing of your property. Should you, however, want the conveyancing to be handled under the same umbrella as your property sale or purchase, you can do that with Karl Tatler Conveyancing.

Benefits to using Karl Tatler Conveyancing

Fixed fees and no sale no fee
We are transparent with our fees and will not charge you any more than what we quote. Also, if for whatever reason your property sale or purchase falls through, you will not be required to pay legal fees. All you would have to pay are any expenses that are incurred on your behalf. 

We start the legal work from day one
When you are selling a property, we can get the ball rolling immediately with the legal work as soon as your property is on the market. When you accept an offer, we could have you much further along the process so you will be able to move quickly if required. Likewise, if you are buying a property, we can take care of the legal side immediately, which will give your seller peace of mind that you are serious about the purchase. 

Working well together
When conveyancers and estate agents are not communicating effectively things can go wrong and this can become a stressful period for both buyers and sellers. Whilst we can't promise to entirely take the stress away, by having your estate agency and conveyancer under one umbrella we can promise that our communication will not break down, and that we shall maintain contact with you every step of the way.

No need to visit the office
Whilst we are always pleased to see you, coming to your local branch to discuss conveyancing is not required. We appreciate you are busy and will work around your schedule. Whether that be via phone, SMS, email or post, we will work in the way that suits you best.

Track your transaction online
Our unique online system provides you with total transparency, so you can see how your purchase or sale is progressing from a legal point of view.

For more information on Karl Tatler Conveyancing or for a quote, please complete the form below and we will be very happy to help.