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When is the best time to market your property?

If you are thinking of selling your property in 2017, many people will suggest waiting until spring to bring it to market.

The advantages of doing this are mainly reliant on weather – warmer weather and clear skies make for better photographs, while longer days allow for extended viewing times. Of course, the weather in the UK provides no guarantees! In 2016, more properties were listed in April across the Wirral than any other month, backing up the theory that the spring is a popular time of year to bring new properties to market.

If you plan to sell your property in 2017, intentionally waiting until spring to market your property could be a risky strategy. As proven in 2016, the market can become very crowded when a large volume of properties all come to market over a given period of time. When it comes to marketing on property portals such as Rightmove, this shortens the initial window to stand out as newer properties are frequently added to the top of the listings.

Is it really worth waiting until Spring to market your property?

The question that should be asked is whether there is sufficient demand in the market to accommodate the surge in new property listings over spring.

Well, in 2016, there were more new buyers entering the market in the first three months of the year than any other period. In fact, the second week in January saw more buyers register interest in a property than any other week all year. The New Year often brings positive buyer mentality as resolutions are made, often sparked by first time buyers who have nothing to sell and can start their search immediately.

Given stock levels in the market are typically low going into a new year, those who market their property early in the year can take advantage of a healthy buyer pool with limited initial competition in the market. By mid-February, around 175-200 new properties come to market across Wirral each week, showing it doesn’t take long for the market to become quite competitive.

Looking to sell in 2017?
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