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What has changed in estate agency over the years?

You may be in a position where you bought your home 15, 20, maybe even 25 years ago. If you can cast your mind back that far, can you picture what was involved with buying your home back then?

If you bought your home with Karl Tatler Estate Agents 15 years ago it is possible that you saw your property on our website. We were one of the pioneers in the local industry for bringing properties to you online. However if you go back 20 years, just before we opened our doors, things were rather different.

To look at a property you really had to visit an estate agency to view property photographs. Bear in mind that digital photos were non-existent then, estate agents had to get property photographs developed, and then glued into brochures. Paper work was also critical. Everything is now simply typed into an online “system” were important details are stored.

Gradually estate agents dipped their toe in the water with websites until it became apparent that websites were less a luxury, more a requisite. Then came Rightmove, still the daddy of the property portals out there. Rightmove remains the first port of call when it comes to searching for property to buy or rent. 

Digital property marketing has simply become essential and more widespread. Things have changed from not just needing a website, to needing a really good website that can easily be viewed and navigated across multiple mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have also become very popular vehicles for marketing property. Estate agents also dabble with video marketing and 3D visualising. 

Digital advances have provided opportunities to get your property in front of so many more people and so much quicker. And this movement to the digital age is certainly showing no signs of slowing down.

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