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Vital things first-time sellers need to know

You will find lots of articles for first time buyers, they are considered the more vulnerable, not able to understand the process and new to the conveyancing world. However, what happens when you have lived in your lovely family home for over 40 years and you want to downsize to somewhere smaller and more manageable?

Easy, the experts say, it’s exactly like when you made the original purchase! Well that’s not often the case. You start thinking where did those title deeds go? In the drawer? Are they with the bank or under the bed? Oh, that lovely extension we did 12 years ago - are we required to provide any information? Didn’t we replace the front door and that old window a couple of years ago? Not forgetting the new boiler we recently upgraded!

When you are considering placing your property on the market, take a few moments to ponder the following so you are not bombarded when the sale has been agreed, a solicitor instructed and the buyers are desperate to move in.

- Any changes to the structure of the property would have been subject to local planning and building regulations. Have a look for correspondence you received at the time.
- The legal title to the property often causes issues. Look for the title deeds and ensure to give them to your solicitors in case they are unregistered.
- You remember paying a minimal sum to a rent charge owner years ago, but did you pay a larger sum to redeem? Look for evidence, for example receipts or redemption certificates.
- Any changes to windows, doors or boilers that have been made in recent years will also have required building control. Look for those certificates in your paperwork and provide to your solicitors.

There is a lot to consider when moving, and preparing the legal title to your property. It is just as important as tidying for those prospective buyers!

Source: Watford Observer

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