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Top tips for first-time buyers moving home

Katie Cullen from Compare My Move shares her removal tips for first-time buyers to help make the move a more positive experience.

Top removal tips for first-time buyers
So, you’ve bought your first home. You have gone through the mortgage rigmarole and you have exchanged contracts. The hard part is pretty much over but there is still the small matter of the actual moving house to go. Don’t let yourself succumb to unnecessary stress now.

Compare removal companies
Home Removal Companies are ten a penny these days and the last thing you want when you are moving for the first time is to find yourself lumbered with a rookie company. It is advisable that you gather quotes from at least three different companies, ensuring that they all have goods in transit and public liability insurance at a minimum. Not only will you save time and money doing it this way but you will know you are using a trusted and verified mover with the appropriate insurance in place.

Forward thinking
Many will tell you that the process of moving house is very stressful but all it takes is a little bit of forward-thinking and planning. You’ve made it this far, the removal doesn’t need to be difficult. Once you have got your completion date, you can start planning your removal. This will include shopping around for the right removal company and packing up everything you own. It’s a big old task but it can be easily achieved.

Packing tips
For the most stress-free removal, you can opt for a full packing service from your chosen removal company. If you will be doing your own packing then be sure to use professional packing materials and remember these few simple pointers:

-Start packing early (begin with items you don’t use often).
-Don’t overload boxes (remember that they need to be carried).
-Fill gaps inside boxes with towels or bedding so your items aren’t falling about.
-Use zip lock back for small items that are likely to get lost.

Changing your address
If this is your first home move then this may be the first time that you are changing your address. After the chaos that is the mortgage process, a simple address change shouldn’t be too much hassle but it can be easily overlooked. Be sure to inform your doctor’s surgery and any other medical professionals of your address change and remember all your subscriptions or delivery services. One of the most important things to remember is that you must inform the local authority as you will need to register to pay council tax.

Moving day
Finally – moving day. There is no denying that this is going to be a hectic day and quite possibly, a rather long day. The key to a successful moving day is in the planning. As long as you have thought ahead and started nice and early, there is no reason the day needs to be stressful. Be sure you have communicated well with your removal company or the friends and family that are helping you move. If everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing, the day should go by without a hitch.

Try to remember that this is a huge and exciting milestone in your life. Buying your first home is quite an achievement and moving in should be an enjoyable experience. The best advice you will probably ever receive is to just enjoy every second – Even if the removal company take a wrong turn or the sofa won’t fit through the door, these things will become part of your story. The story of your first home.

Source: What Mortgage

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