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This is the question you should always ask when you buy a house for sale

A house for sale can be tempting, but there is something you should always check then purchasing a property for sale. When buying a UK home, make sure you ask this question first.

Property for sale, whether a house or a commercial property, should not be something that people rush into buying.

There are many things that a first time buyer - or even someone buying their second, third or forth house - needs to look at before they sign on the dotted line.

One of the most important aspects of buying a property is knowing what to check in a property before you put in that offer.

First Direct asked 2,000 experienced homebuyers across Britain what things they would advise first-time buyers to look into when viewing a property.

The single most important question those asked recommend Britons looking to buy a house ask was to do with what happens after you buy the house.

Britons were urged to get quotes or detailed estimates for building work before they buy.

Almost two thirds, 64 per cent, of homeowners told researchers they’d incurred additional costs after moving in, due to unexpected repairs, botched DIY jobs by the previous owners or renovation work being more expensive than they thought.

So look for all those possible jobs and get builders to quote.

Another tip is to take a person along with your for a viewing - who is not a friend or a parent.

First Direct said: “If you’ve found your dream home, family and friends won’t want to burst your bubble by telling you the harsh truth. It doesn’t have to be a builder or architect – just someone who’ll point out the faults or ask the difficult questions.

“Just over two thirds of homebuyers, 67 per cent, took someone else to at least one viewing.”

First Direct users listed other questions Britons that are buying a house should ask.

Checklist when you buy a house
Check the condition of the roof
Check the central heating system
Don’t be rushed into an offer
Find out what the broadband speed’s like
Visit the property at different times of the day
Inspect the electrical systems
Examine interior and exterior walls for cracks or damp
Ask to see the boiler and its servicing history

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