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The Branch View

Each of our five sales offices are strategically placed across the Wirral and are experts of the unique market conditions within those areas.

In general, the activity across all areas reflected that of the Wirral market as a whole, particularly in terms of impressive sales results. Despite a reduction in the number of new listings to the Wirral market over summer, listings have since picked up in our offices over the past few weeks, while sales are still strong across the board. This is a result of local buyers moving from nearby locations to create new opportunities across the Wirral.

Where Do Wirral Buyers Come From?

In 2016, 82.5% of the buyers registered in our offices are from the Wirral, with the majority of other buyers coming from the surrounding areas of Liverpool, North Wales and Chester.

Despite its dominant market presence, only 32% of our potential buyers reached us through the Rightmove online property platform. This shows that our offices receive 68% of enquiries from other sources such as our website, social media, reputation, boards and other marketing activities.

As Wirral property buyers often live local to our offices, good high street agents should be equipped to find the ideal buyer for your home. So far this year, only 2.8% of properties have sold through an online only estate agent across Wirral, showing a continued need for agents with experience and market knowledge.

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