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Responding to the "online" market

A word from Paul Traill, Online Marketing Manager

Paul Traill, Online Marketing Manager at Karl Tatler Estate Agents & Lettings, shares his knowledge of how online marketing has become increasingly pivotal when it comes to selling property. With an extensive background in online marketing and social media, Paul has helped many of our properties attract additional interest across various online platforms since joining our Head Office in 2014.

When I began at Karl Tatler Estate Agents & Lettings, I was tasked with converting the website into a responsive format.

By responsive, I mean that any device type you are accessing a website from, the website “responds” to ensure it is the easiest fit for your screen. So, if you are looking on your mobile phone or tablet, you don’t have to pinch the screen to view; it instead adapts to your device requirements.

In truth we were slightly behind the times with that, and it amazes me how many other estate agents’ websites are still unresponsive. This may seem a trivial issue, but if you look at the stats, an enormous 54% of our website visitors access our website via mobile phone*. Add the tablet users to this and the total amount using handheld devices to view our website is 74%* - three quarters of all our visitors! Data shows that the number of visitors accessing via mobile is ever-increasing**. Naturally, it is important our properties are available online, on whichever device you please.

If you are like me, you will spend many an evening on the couch scrolling through your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, focusing on your phone perhaps more than the television. My point, and you’ve probably already figured out where this is going, is the importance of a social media presence. Every week we showcase around 15 properties on our social media platforms and the interest and engagement this generates is clear. This isn’t to say that all properties published on our social media will definitely go on to sell as a result. It is, however, another vital cog in the online marketing process. This gets your property in front of an ever-growing audience, which brings further engagement and more people talking about your home.

Recently a vendor contacted us curious as to why, upon accessing our online vendor login, he noticed an enormous spike in the number of visits to his property web page. Once we checked the web page against social media visits, we quickly ascertained the considerable difference social media exposure had made to the property. We are certainly finding social media exposure makes a telling impact on property interest.

Turning back the clock, it is remarkable that 20 years ago estate agents were reluctant to bring properties online as they felt people would not feel secure about sharing their property details on the internet. Contrarily, people actually want this more and more. With just shy of 1,500 visits per day, our website is our busiest office*. It is therefore crucial to ensure it is as available and accessible as you need it to be.

* Google Analytics data March 2017
** Google Analytics data March 2015 - March 2017 

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