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Pets in lets

An increasingly common topic, and if I’m honest a little bit of a grey area, is the quandary of letting with pets…

Most seasoned landlords I encounter are varied with their opinions on considering pets. If they have had a bad experience in the past then that seems to tarnish their approach and they are often reluctant to entertain the notion of pets on any level.

Other landlords however are quite open and even encourage the idea, and take a somewhat savvy approach knowing that the demand for pet friendly properties exceeds that of supply. In turn, these landlords often reduce their void periods, securing tenants much sooner.

Perhaps this is an approach some should consider if they are struggling to let their property. Picture the scene, your property is marketed well, photos look great, price feels right, agent is pro-active, but it just won’t let! Is there scope for you to limit your restrictions? Some landlords, particularly ‘accidental landlords’ who are letting their home and not an investment property would be understandably hesitant to loosen their restrictions. Though my advice is to look at the overall picture. Remove the pet from the equation, unless it’s Noah and the full Ark, then the prospect may be a non-starter. Is the offer of good quality? Are these the type of tenants you had in mind? is the desired length suitable for you? If without the pet it all feels great then why not look at provisions that can make you feel comfortable? Such as increased ‘pet’ deposits and special clauses. Let’s not forget a standard ARLA contract should state the carpets need to be shampooed come the end of tenancy. 

Furthermore, research by The Dogs Trust shows that;
- 78% of pet owners have experienced difficulty in finding accommodation which accepts pets.
- 54% were never able to find a suitable property
- 8% had to re-home their pet

However, for some the prospect of damage caused by dogs, neighbours complaining about barking or even trying to eradicate the smell in some cases, is just too much of a concern to get the idea off the ground. My advice would be to ask your agent to advertise with ‘Pets Considered’. That way you can arrive at your decision based on each individual case.

Ultimately, it’s your choice, but by discounting pets all together, you could be barking up the wrong tree.

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