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'My First Home' - Karl Tatler

Where was the family home you grew up in and what was it like?
The family home was in Allerton, South Liverpool. It was a 1930’s three bedroom semi-detached house.
What is your clearest memory of the house?
I was the youngest of two children resulting in me having the smallest bedroom. My Dad and I built a homemade cabin style bed to free up some of the tiny floor space, I remember being really excited as I climbed the ladder for the first time!
Where was the first house you bought yourself and what did it cost?
My first house was in Aigburth, close to Sefton Park lake. It was a three bedroom character terraced house built around 1910. I paid £34,000 for it, which reflected the upgrading work that was required.

What made you want to buy it?
I bought it because it still retained all the original features, literally! I couldn’t afford a more expensive house at the time but fell in love with the charm of the property and relished the challenge of taking on such a big restoration project.

What are the important things you look for when buying a house?
Location is such a cliche but it’s so important, particularly for price appreciation and resale ability. I also look at the potential of changing the look or layout of a property or whether it can be extended to adapt to changing family needs.

Are you a DIY trier or do you leave it to the experts?
I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty. My previous experience working as a draughtsman and the fact that I trained as a surveyor combined with my Dad being a structural building surveyor gave me the knowledge and confidence to take on this sort of work. I’ve taken walls down and removed a chimney breast before now, however I leave plastering and decorating to the experts!

What is the one thing you love most about your current home?
The family kitchen is lovely, it is the hub of a busy home and where we spend most of our time.

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