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Invest in a pricey doormat and NEVER hide your house number: Five steps to the best-looking home on the street

Whether it's your own house or an investment property you're looking to entice tenants into, first impressions count as much for homeowners as they do for employers.

In fact, the experts say that from the moment a buyer looks at your online real estate listing or drives past your home, they make a judgment call within 0.1 seconds.

To help you with your quest to maximise the value of your property, leading renovation expert, Cherie Barber, recently shared the five steps to the best-looking home on the street.

From investing in a pricey doormat to displaying your house number, here FEMAIL reveals what you need to know.

1. Feature lighting

First up, one of Cherie's principal things to focus on if you're trying to sell is lighting.

She explained that so often, it's lighting that can make or break a home.

'Remember, buyers drive past at night, too,' she explained on her blog.

'If your home can't be found or it's too dark an unassuming, buyers are less likely to add it to the top of their Saturday viewing list.'

To rectify this situation, the renovation expert recommends installing a 'feature wall sconce' or 'pendant light' to add instant appeal to your property.

'A broken porch light will never entice buyers,' she added.

2. Plush doormat

You mightn't think too much about a doormat adding value to your property.

But in fact it's another small addition that can help to create a warm and inviting welcome.

'Find a doormat that suits the style of your home,' Cherie said. 'Plush textiles create a feeling of implied luxury, so don't skimp on the cheapest version from the hardware store.'

The expert recommends that you consider materials like hemp, jute, tassels and a 'pop of pattern' that works well with your house design.   

It's all about the little things.

3. A pop of paint

As with lighting, paint is key to a good-looking front facade.

'Don't be afraid to add a pop of colour to the front door or entry,' Cherie said. 'Did you know paint offers the highest return on dollars spent?'.

Cherie recommends you look to your landscaping for inspiration as to a colour palette.

If there is a hint of red or yellow flowers in your garden, perhaps repeat that motif on the front door.

Alternatively, go with a complementary hue. 

4. Plants

Greenery, plants and foliage are an easy and cost-effective way to make your home look that little bit nicer.

'Play with groupings of pot colours, textures and heights to create symmetry and interest either side of your door,' Cherie said.

She also recommends hanging baskets, which can add depth and dimension to a property.

5. House number

Last but not least, your house number needs to be visible in order to help buyers.

'Finding the house day or night is key to your visitors' experience,' Cherie said.

So don't hide your number behind a hedge, and instead think about whether you'll place it near the door or next to the mailbox at the gate.'

She concluded by saying that tiny details equal more value.

'Leave a lasting impression,' Cherie concluded.

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Source: Daily Mail

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