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How to future-proof your home and make it irresistible to buyers

Bringing your home up to scratch for potential new owners often involves a lot of cleaning and organisation of your possessions, so your home can look like an irresistible future living space for prospective buyers.

However, today’s competitive market requires a little more thought and a trenchant eye cast towards the future of home design, as well as a keen focus on durable, timeless home fittings. This post is written in collaboration with kitchen worktop specialists, Stone Genie and will explain how any home can be optimised for the future with a few key additions.

Hard-wearing floors

Today’s discerning buyer will notice when something in your home isn’t up to standard - and often the floor is the first thing to fall victim to critics. If you’re lucky enough to have a shiny kitchen or luxe living area, make sure any scuffed lino or a cracked tile isn’t ruining the space. To do this properly, you’ll need to invest.

A hard-wearing floor option like ceramic tile, wood or stone is your best bet. Avoid brash colours as this could turn off potential buyers and low-quality materials as they could be seen as papering over the cracks. A solid flooring forms a premium bedrock to the rest of your home, exuding quality with every step.

Smart home upgrades

Smart home technology will soon be the norm across the housing market, so future-proofing your home by purchasing such a system is an innovative way to add value and wow some potential buyers.

Touch-screen light controls and smart heating systems are a great place to start. Combining either of these with a Wi-Fi enabled webcam doorbell will give the home a futuristic first impression for those looking to purchase - which is always good from a sales perspective!

Adding some ergonomic, tech-friendly considerations to the home is also important. Swapping traditional three-pin plug sockets for surge proofed replacements with built-in USB ports is a subtle touch that could make your home a whole lot more useful.

Bathroom improvements

A notoriously tricky room to upgrade, the bathroom can benefit from tech in much the same way. High-tech showers with touch-screen interfaces are becoming more and more common. Features such as waterproof Bluetooth speakers will make the room a hub of relaxation - just make sure you’ve used quality fittings such as pure chrome taps and plenty of polished glass for shower doors.

New owners will love a freshly refurbed bathroom, as a DIY overhaul causes substantial home disruption - something anyone moving home will be keen to avoid!

Kitchen worktops

A good kitchen worktop can be the difference between a kitchen going out of style and needing to be replaced after only a few years and it being the solid foundation of a kitchen that stands the test of time. The key ingredient for pulling this off? Stone, specifically granite.

A granite worktop is a beautiful yet imposing centrepiece to any kitchen, and will undoubtedly cause some jaws to drop upon entry to your sale-ready culinary area. Not only is it great looking, it’ll also last a lifetime with the right care, so potential buyers will rest assured that your kitchen presents a rock solid investment opportunity.

So, by taking all these tips on board, you’ll soon have an irresistible, ultra-marketable home that’ll be sold in no time, leaving you free to choose a bespoke new build home to start a new chapter in.

Source: What House?

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