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How to add thousands to your home

By spending £3,500 creating an open plan kitchen a homeowner could boost the value of their property by as much as £26,000. But there are plenty of other things you can do enhance the returns on your property when you come to sell. Experts at Art Windows and Doors offer a few ideas.

Converting the garage

In many homes, the garage gets used as a dumping ground but otherwise goes largely unused. Yet, transforming it into living space could add as much as 15% to your home.

Although it shouldn’t take a long time and won’t set you back too much money, it is worth checking with your local authority to find out if you need planning permission. Most garage conversions are classed as ‘permitted development’ – but it’s worth a call.

It will be subject to building regulations, however, so you will be required to get key areas checked by your local council’s building control service or an approved independent inspector.

Dream kitchen

Art Windows and Doors said a kitchen is crucial to the house valuation process, so this is an important room to get right. It believes homeowners could add as much as 15% to the value of their house by extending their kitchen.

A popular way to do this, without losing space at the back, is to build into the ‘side return’. This is the narrow alley which runs adjacent to the kitchen in typical terraced or semi-detached house.

Alternatively what about knocking down the wall between your kitchen and living room? This will increase the value by 5% and will also create a modern, open-plan living area as well as increasing the size of your home.

Revamp your bathroom

After kitchens, bathrooms are also a winner when it comes to value-adding potential. Although Art Windows and Doors said this is an expensive investment it is proven to pay off.

To ensure your return on your investment is as high as possible keep the same layout – this will save on the high costs of moving soil pipes and water inlets. Using a framed enclosure for your shower instead of a frameless model is also a cheaper alternative and buying a whole new suite will work out to be less expensive than buying each piece individually.

Get planning permission

If you are preparing to sell your house, having planning permission in place for an extension or conversion could add up to 10% to the value of the property.

This is because obtaining permission is an arduous and often stressful process, so if it’s already in place it will prove incredibly valuable to buyers.

Art Windows and Doors also explained that it provides the potential buyer with the comforting knowledge they have the freedom to do what they want with the property.

Plug sockets

This is a tiny tweak and might only add 3% to the value of your home, but the result far outweighs the small cost. Having extra sockets is, according to Art Windows and Doors, something we might not think about and could take for granted but will definitely improve the appeal of our home.

Double or triple glazed windows

Installing new windows could add up to 10% to your house’s value. However it is important to invest in energy-efficient windows as this would save the household money in utility bills.

Triple glazing is more expensive, but it can reduce noise more efficiently and reduces energy consumption so it’s well worth considering.

Generally improving the energy efficiency of your property using solar panels or a green roof can also add value as it will provide potential buyers with the knowledge that the home will be cheaper to live in and run than others.

Building up…or down

Converting the loft space or creating a basement room could increase your home’s value by as much as 20% and 30% respectively.

Loft conversions, however, are not cheap and it can typically cost around £25,000 for a new staircase, bedroom with en-suite bathroom and skylights or dormer windows. Also, you will need to obtain a structural survey to ensure the additional weight is supported.

But with added value of between 10% and 20% the effort and expense could be well worth enduring.

Creating a basement room, meanwhile, might sound overwhelming but can be the least complex ways of adding value, according to Art Windows and Doors.

This is because converting a basement or cellar qualifies as ‘change of use’ so you won’t need planning permission. Check with your local planning office if you are making structural changes to a listed building.

New flooring

A brand new floor can make a huge difference to the look of a home and can add as much as 10% to its value.

The most popular flooring is hardwood but if you cannot afford to go down this route then cheaper alternatives such as laminate, tile flooring or a carpet can also create a similar impression. The key is to find a well-designed floor which suits the property and is clean.

Outdoor space

You could add as much as 20% to the value of your house by increasing the kerb appeal or outside space of your home.

Installing a patio or decking or adding a summer house to your garden can make a dramatic difference and will transform the outside area.

Simply keeping the garden tidy and maximising the space with lots of colourful plants and a neat lawn will also make a difference.

The same applies to the front of the house. A few hanging pots and a lick of paint along with clean windows can really boost the kerb appeal and therefore the value.

Alternatively, if you live in an area where parking is at a premium but you also have a front garden, consider paving it over. You might need planning permission, so you will need to put in a call to your local authority to check, but in an urban area this could increase the value by as much as 10%.

A new front door

This is probably one of the first things a potential buyer will see when they visit your house and therefore will make a big impact on their impression of your property.

Getting this right and having a new and appealing door could add a whopping 10% to the value, said Art Windows and Doors. Look for a design which is clean, stylish and up-to-date and if it’s energy efficient – even better.

Source: What Mortgage

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