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How has the Wirral property market reacted post-Brexit?

After months of speculation, the votes have been counted and Britain is to leave the EU. 

Whilst predications and the impact of the referendum on a national level are debated, there will be discussions closer to home as people consider reactions in their immediate locality. 

Independent Wirral-based Karl Tatler Estate Agents & Lettings have been monitoring the local property market in the run up to the referendum and since the result was announced.  

Managing director Karl Tatler said: “In the six weeks leading up to the referendum, activity in the Wirral housing market has been healthy, despite the uncertainty of the result. Both the sales and lettings markets in our area have moved positively, showing no real apprehension in people’s decision to move house and be active in the local property market. 

“Whether your decision was to remain or leave the EU, the fact that the campaign is now over, and the result is no longer an unknown, it does remove an element of the uncertainty that people may have been feeling.  

“Within hours of post-Brexit, we have continued to receive offers and sales are progressing. New instructions over the last few weeks have in fact shown more consistency than last year with the number of properties coming to the market remaining steady. People registering their interest for our properties to buy or rent has also continued. All this activity suggests that people aren’t shying away from putting their property on the market or delaying their decision making. 

“We continue to remain optimistic about the Wirral sales and lettings property market. Our diaries show plenty of appointments and the overall mood is one of positivity and confidence for our clients. We will be reviewing the market over the coming weeks and will report on what we find. In the meantime, we urge anyone with uncertainty to get in touch with their nearest office so we can share our knowledge of what is happening in their area.” 

Over 30 million people voted in the referendum on 23rd June. In Wirral, 172,000 people attended their local polling stations which equalled a turnout of 70.9%. 

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