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House for sale? Do THIS to your home before putting it on the market to add THOUSANDS

There are things about a property you will never be able to change, from location to the core structure.

Neighbours are another area homeowners can’t do anything about - a major cause for concern among buyers.

Research by property experts has found for Britons looking to make a move on the property ladder, noisy neighbours are in fact the most off-putting thing when house hunting.

But of the things homeowners can control that may be affecting the value of their property, what will add value?

Neighbours should in fact be top of the agenda - but not in the way homeowners might assume.

Anyone looking to sell their home should spend a couple of hours browsing property websites to look at their neighbours’ homes.

They should then ensure their home is the best on the street, as this will create more interest in the home, potentially leading to a higher sale price.

Depending on the state of the neighbour’s homes, this could be as simple as deep cleaning and decluttering.

For houses situated on streets with generally well-looked after properties, homeowners will have to go a little further.

Fresh paint, upgraded lightbulbs and even sanding floorboards could give homes the edge.

It is possible to add as much as 10 per cent to the value of a property by making these simple changes.

And for those really wanting to push the boat out, it could be worth reopening fireplaces or adding wooden floors to make sure they are offering the best home in the area.

Those looking to buy a house often face a mountain of stamp duty, but there are four simple tricks to slashing tax rates.

Stamp duty rates have risen in the last twelve months after former Chancellor George Osborne raised them.

His hike was on properties above £900,000, so homes at the top end of the market are seeing a slump as buyers try to avoid higher costs.

Whilst the next government is highly unlikely to reduce stamp dusty rates, there are things that can be done to ease the costs.

Source: Express

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