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Gas certificates

Landlords are ultimately responsible for the safety of their tenants. A good agent can take the organisational stress away by having water tight safety reminder systems in place.

The most important safety requirement for any rented property is a landlord’s gas safety certificate. It is required by law to be carried out every 12 months on each residential property, by a ‘gas safe registered’ engineer. The certificate basically proves that every single gas appliance (including those left by a previous tenant) in a property is safe to use. Otherwise if an appliance is deemed unsafe, it would need to be removed or replaced prior to letting the property.

A copy of the gas certificate has to then be kept by the landlord or landlords agent, while also supplying the tenant with a copy. The old fashioned type gas certs used to be hand written on triplicate carbon paper, with different coloured copies then being distributed to the landlord, tenant & agent. The modern style certificate is normally processed using onsite online applications on tablets or smart phones and are then uploaded in real time, giving the landlord or agent a much quicker service.

A landlords gas safety certificate, must not be confused with a boiler service document. Quite often when a boiler or plumbing system has a service agreement like British Gas 3 Star cover, an annual service is normally included. An engineer will then come out every 12 months to service and check the boiler and/or heating system over. A service sheet is then left with the customer to prove the appliance(s) has been serviced. Whilst some of the same checks as a gas certificate are carried out, it is not as comprehensive as a full landlord gas safety certificate and so would not be legally accepted.

We can happily arrange for a gas safe engineer to carry out a certificate, so please do not hesitate to contact tour Heswall Lettings branch and we will be delighted to help.

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