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DIY tips to make buyers take notice of your home

Take a step back and check out your curb appeal
Stand across the road from your property and look at how appealing it is to potential buyers. You want buyers to like what they see from the outside, making them want to look inside.

  • Hire or borrow a pressure washer and give the driveway a good clean.
  • Fix any loose brickwork.
  • Polish or put up a new house number sign.
  • Cut the grass and tidy any flower beds. Hanging baskets bring colour.

The heart of the home: the kitchen
One of the most looked at and scrutinised areas by buyers, and where presentation is everything. Don’t be worried if your kitchen isn’t the biggest or as sharp as a show kitchen, instead focus on it looking great.

  • Look up at the ceiling and work your way right down to the floor, making a note of what you can see – and what buyers will see.
  • Does the ceiling need painting, are there any lightbulbs out?
  • Check any tiles aren’t chipped. Re-grouting will freshen things up.
  • There could be grease on the cooker hood and splash back, so give them a good clean.
  • Tidy away what you can so there are clutter-free surfaces.

Clean and bright bathrooms
After the kitchen, the bathroom is the room people most judge. Roll up your sleeves and get your bathroom clean, shiny and bright.

  • Put away shampoo bottles, cleaning products and wet towels.
  • If you don’t have the most modern bathroom, accessories such as a smart mirror can bring things up to date.
  • A flowering plant or fresh flowers on the windowsill adds colour and fragrance. 

Step up your storage
Buyers want to see space. They also want to see your house, not your possessions. Rooms won’t look unhomely and impersonal, so don’t panic about putting things away.

  • Get knickknacks and ornaments boxed away and in the loft. Ask a friend to store them if you don’t have space.
  • Decluttering helps buyers visualise where they can put their things. It will also save you a job when you move. 

Don’t be in the dark, turn on the lights
There’s nothing worse than showing buyers around and part of the room is in darkness – they will notice.

  • Make sure there are lightbulbs in every fitting
  • Replace any bulbs which aren’t working.

Green fingers and green grass
Now is the perfect time to tend to your garden and outdoor spaces to ensure they are a breath of fresh air. 

  • Get weeding. Clear out the flower beds and plant some colour.
  • Buy a few potted plants or window boxes if there isn’t much grass or you only have a patio area.
  • If you have a lawn, mow the grass in stripes if you can.

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