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Agents' View: Shaun Carlton

Q&A with Shaun Carlton, Senior Branch Manager

With 30 years of experience, Shaun has answered some key questions about the activity over summer and what to expect going forward.

The ‘Brexit’ vote in June had a significant influence on the property market over the summer, particularly for those waiting on the result to make a decision about their future. How did Karl Tatler Estate Agents adapt to the unique market conditions?

The good news is that we knew it was coming! In many years when you have a general election, World Cup or Olympics, there is an impact on the market. Sometimes it is a slowing of the market for a couple of weeks which then picks up straight after. That’s the bad news, but the good news is that this usually extends the market further into the year. With Brexit, we spent a lot of time working and educating our clients on possible outcomes. It was a very “Mystic Meg” time because nobody really knew what the outcome of Brexit would be and in reality, the impact was going to be different for each client. Our general approach was to focus on the key things that get a property.

Our performance across all branches has been particularly strong over the past couple of months. Is this a sign that it’s business as usual for the Wirral property market?

Yes. In fact, as this report shows, its business a bit better than usual! The Wirral has some unique features when it comes to housing, which has the effect of insulating us from a lot of bad things that can happen to the housing market. It doesn’t make us immune to them, but if you understand the market well enough, you can mitigate the negatives.

We saw a reduction in the number of viewings per sale across the company this summer compared to 2015. Has there been a change in the approach taken by buyers since ‘Brexit’?

Absolutely. We didn’t see the expected mass run down of the market fuelled by buyers. In fact, I think our buyers became more positive in their approach to the market. We work really hard with the people who are looking to buy in the Wirral and I think we are really close to what they are thinking and looking for. They reported that their outlook was undiminished; they still wanted to move by a certain date and be in the right location for them. They have reported that finding the right house has become harder for them as fewer properties overall have come to the market. What is interesting is the number of viewings it now takes to get an offer has dropped. This is a result of the “narrowing” of the market, good mortgage conditions and realistic pricing. A quick sale is never about the time the house has been for sale and always about the time that the buyer has been looking. Our buyers are being more specific in the search, but when they see what they want, they buy.

As the majority of properties in Wirral are sold to buyers in the local area, what would be the main advantage of using an agent with local market knowledge to sell your home?

It’s absolutely essential; why employ a plumber to build you a wall! Our agents know the area backwards and in depth. I am always hearing people’s story being told to me as I go from office to office. This type of knowledge can’t be trained, it is part of being in the know. This is a great advantage to a seller; they will get honest advice based on a combination of local knowledge and local expertise, it doesn’t come any better than that. It also benefits the buyer and we spend a lot of time working with buyer’s expectations. This gets our client a better sale price and to do this properly you need to know your marketplace. We believe that being qualified to do that job is also essential.

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